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The VERY BAD Sylvia Plath-Comic week!

A new week, a new topic… this week we had an !!ACCIDENTAL!! VERY BAD Sylvia Plath-Comic week!

A while ago, I have been searching for Sylvia Plath comics. There is so much Sylvia related stuff out there and I was sure, there must also be some comics.

However, the majority of Sylvia Plath comics I found, weren’t funny, cool or good at all!

Most of them were disrespectful, distasteful, offensive and above all - very,   very bad! Mocking mental illness, suicide and a brilliant woman!

However, I still decided to collect them and I wanted to post them during "The VERY BAD Sylvia Plath-Comic week!" to show you how stupid and insensitive people can be when it comes to Sylvia Plath!

As I always do, I was planning to write a proper introduction post before I stard posting the comics. So that no one hits of the idea that I like or support these kind of things!!!

These of you who follow this blog for a longer time, know how strongly I feel about Sylvia Plath! How angry I get if someone posts disrespectful comments about her! How I despise the “head in the oven” jokes! How I judge the Sylvia Plath Halloween costumes! How I pick a fight with everyone posting shit about her!

Some people seem to forget that, despite the fact that she is a public figure and sometimes seems like an unreal character, she has been a HUMAN BEING. A very ill and tormented woman. A woman who couldn’t take her pain any longer and gave up the fight with depression!

The only reason why I posted these comics without an introduction is that I didn’t mean to post them this week AT ALL. I must have accidentaly queued them instead of saving them as drafts.

I have been really busy this week and didn’t come up with a topic for the blog and since I never queue my posts, I decided to skip this week and start a new theme week next week.

When I took a look at my tumblr on Wednesday, I realized that all the comics have been posted WITHOUT A COMMENT and I decided to wait till the end of the week (today) to write you an afterword instead of the introduction.

So, here you go! Hope this clarifies a few things and answers all your questions!!