♥ Loving Sylvia Plath ♥
Publishing Sylvia Plath’s Debut Collection in  Germany - Big German Publishing House Blocking the Rights - Help Us Buy the Rights from the Original Publisher 


And Unabridged Journals, Letters Home, Ariels, Collected Poems, Colossuses, Johnny Panics, biographies… etc etc etc… every Sylvia Plath book, primary and secondary literature you own or read at the moment… you love or hate… all together in one pic or a separate pic for every book, whatever you like… be creative… no self-doubts ;)

One condition… don’t take just a picture of the book(s), be in them too… your face, your eyes, your hands… it’s up to you…

I’m afraid, I’m gonna be really really very busy during the next four weeks, so I won’t be posting here for a while :/

Sure, I could queue some posts, since I’ve got 100 drafts or so, but it’s only half the fun, so I came up with that one

Take your pic and post it as a photo reply to this post and when I’m back (December 18, 2010), I’m gonna make a contest with a tiny Christmas Giveaway ;)